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Author January 21, 2018

Why Every Smartphone Owner Needs To Use A SmartKlear

People constantly have their phones in their hands, as they should. After all, smartphones are literally like mini-computers nowadays. You can check your email, stay connected with social media, go on any website, play games and the list of things phones have to offer in this day and age are limitle...
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Author August 24, 2017

UVI Apps & Widgets

The current range of apps and widgets provides estimates of the current UVI and how it is expected to vary throughout the day at your location. ...
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Author July 23, 2017

Do you need to use sun protection in winter?

Often people don’t think about sun protection in winter, but in most parts of New Zealand the UV levels can exceed 3 (see chart below) right through the winter months. If you ski you are at greater risk – UV levels are higher in alpine regions than at sea level and snow is highly reflective....
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Author July 18, 2017

SunBlaster Sun Safety

In New Zealand sun protection needs to be a way of life, SunBlaster aims to make it easy to "Slip, SPRAY, Slap and Slide" Here are some steps you can take to limit your amount of exposure to UV rays, which are the harmful rays of the sun:...
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