IPhone & Smartphone all in one screen cleaner, with revolutionary CARBON CLEANING technology foe all touch screens.

The best way to clean fingerprints and oils on iPhones, Android Phones and other handheld smart screens!

With New invisible CARBON CLEANING compound - Safe for all smartphone screens, anti-bacterial, long life replaceable cleaning pads.

Cleans fingerprints and oils easily using our exclusive molecular based technology, Invisible Carbon cleaning compound.

Eliminates the need to carry around messy liquids and dirty cloths.

Never expires!

Replaceable cleaning pad – 300 cleanings per pad

No Cloths, No Liquids!

Not affected by Heat, Cold or Humidity!

SmartKlear is the #1 Smartphone cleaner on the planet. Based on the only cleaning technology used in space on the International Space Station, it also includes an all natural antibacterial that kills the bacteria on the screen while the screen is being cleaned. SmartKlear cleans 300+ times, and has replaceable cleaning pads.


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SmartKlear Elite

  • $15.00

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